Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breaking & Entering Bourbon

From St. George Distillery, Alamada, CA.  86 proof, $33

St. George does not actually distill this product.  They purchase barrels from distillers in Kentucky and blend them until they find the flavor they are looking for.  Breaking & Entering was produced by blending 80 barrels of bourbon aged from 5-7 years.

I was never good at picking out different flavors in wine.  I'd read a review on a bottle and see that it tasted like  dark chocolate, cherry, apricot, whatever blah blah.  All I could taste was red wine - sometimes outstanding, sometimes good, sometimes rather unpleasant.

My bourbon/rye reviews will not contain any pretentious bullshit, only what I can actually taste.  So if I tell you that I smell vanilla, it's because that is what I am smelling.  I will try and avoid using phrases like "notes of" or "hints of."  I will try and only review a bottle after I have consumed at least half of it.  Unless otherwise stated, I am drinking these neat in a brandy snifter.

Okay, down to business:
Nose - I can actually smell banana cream on this, and some honey.  Smells like dessert!

Taste - Good spice and considerable burn for an 86 proof whiskey with little alcohol coming through.  The banana cream comes through on the tongue, and a bit of cinnamon type flavor though very subtle.

Overall this is a solid whiskey.  I did cheat a little as I have only gone through about 1/3 of the bottle.  I would probably pick this up again, though there are many better bottles under $33.

Score - 85/100