Monday, June 17, 2013

Custom Bar Shelves from 80 Year old Crate

With the collection of bottles starting to get out of hand, the time had come to add a couple of shelves above the bar.  We tracked down a guy up in Anaheim that spends most of his time driving around the country purchasing old crates from farms and vineyards, and reselling them to restaurants, businesses and individuals.

We picked out a large crate that would be perfect for turning into shelving.
The first step was to knock the center piece out.
Next, we cut the crate in half and did some thorough sanding.
Then we stained them.
Finally, we added a functional and decorative brace across the front and hung them on the wall using L-brackets.
Fairly easy DIY project.  Each shelf holds 18 bottles.  Now let's just hope they don't come crashing to the ground!


  1. I hope you screwed the shelves at the wall tightly to ensure that they won't come crashing to the ground. This is indeed an easy DIY task, and it's nice to see all those bottles organized. Crates would be a lot helpful, not just in packaging and shipping, but also in making shelves. I guess I can get some of them at the stock room and create something useful.

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