Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Kentucky Mule

Rather than post a review this week I thought I'd share this tasty cocktail. The Kentucky Mule is just a Moscow Mule made with bourbon or rye instead of vodka.  Read about the  Moscow Mule here.
If you do not have these sweet copper mugs for you bar I highly recommend investing in a pair(s).  They keep the drink super cold and are just fun to drink out of.  We picked up ours on Amazon.
Just 4 ingredients - Fill the mug with ice, 1-2 shots of a mid priced bourbon or rye (we used the Elijah Craig 12  year, about $24), then fill the rest of the mule mug with Ginger Beer and add some lemon or lime.  Very refreshing on a warm day, especially to reward yourself after building a garden, tree house, or a dog house for your dog/husband to sleep in.


  1. Normally we make the Kentucky Mule with limes, but we decided to use a lemon from our lemon tree. Very tasty. I think I will use lemons from now on.

  2. Add a couple of dashes of Angostura bitters as well... very tasty!